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Clostridial Disease in Small Ruminants

24 Nov 2017

We are currently seeing an increase in patients with clostridial diseases, if contracted these diseases can cause devastating affects.

What causes clostridial disease?

Clostridial disease is caused by a group of bacterial organisms (Clostridia spp.) that are readily found in the soil, dust or vegetation.

How do animals get clostridial disease?

Animals cannot get clostridial disease from one another; however they can pick it up from their environment either via ingestion or entry through wounds. Some clostridial organisms can live at low levels in the bodies of animals and can be activated during trigger points (stressors such as moving environment, change in diet) and can cause disease.

What are the signs?

Signs vary depending on the clostridial species but you may see scour, neurological signs, lameness, lethargy, separation from the group and in some cases death.

How can I treat the disease?

If you suspect any clostridial disease contact your veterinary surgeon immediately. Once clinical signs develop it is very difficult to treat the animal. However aggressive treatment ASAP is vital to give your animals the best chance of survival.

Is it preventable?

Yes! Clostridial disease is entirely preventable via vaccination.


If you would like further information regarding clostridial disease and how best to prevent it, please contact us on 01749 341761 to speak to one of the Veterinary Surgeons who will be able to assist you. 


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