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Good reasons to microchip your Cat

Dog owners are now familiar with the law that dogs must be microchipped, but cat owners are missing the benefits of microchipping their cats; it may not be the law but it is even more important in cats as they don’t generally wear any identification.

This is a tale of two black and white cats that both went missing within days of each other. The first owners searched for their cat, found her and shut her in as she was expecting kittens.  At this point the second owners found their cat was missing and searched, but with no success. Several weeks later the first owners took their cat to the vets as she hadn’t had her kittens.

The vet scanned the cat to find she was microchipped and in fact was not their cat at all but belonged to the second owners!  She was happily reunited with her owners.

Often cats are brought into the surgery as they appear to be lost, but are actually well cared for so have an owner somewhere out looking for them. Without a microchip it is really hard to find their owner.  Sometimes the cat may be badly injured and need treatment. We need to find the owners to ask their permission and consent for procedures and medication, this is especially frustrating when the animal is in pain. Obviously a choice has to be made …

As an owner I would rather know what has happened to my cat if it has been run over, rather than wondering for months or years whether they will come home or if they are trapped somewhere.  If someone kindly picks my cat up from the side of the road and takes it to the nearest vets to be scanned I will at least know what has happened.  I know this is a hard thing to do but the owner will be very grateful.

Maybe in the future it will become law that you must microchip your cat but until then I would recommend you should, personally I can’t understand why you wouldn’t.

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