Posted By: Ray Creed

Improve Cow Lameness Rates with Regular Mobility Scoring

Since joining the practice in 2020 I have been doing mobility scoring as a RoMS qualified scorer. We now have 24 herds we score regularly. Some are scored monthly, most are quarterly, some are 6 monthly and a couple have an annual check. Over the past 4 years we have seen considerable improvement in lameness rates across the scored herds. The table shows the percentage of lame cows in each herd and clearly shows a reduction across the board. 

Mobility scoring plays a key part in monitoring and identifying lameness. Some herds have blips along the way usually due to staffing issues, but these are quickly found and hopefully dealt with. Our monthly scored herds usually work with a trimmer so that they are scored one day, and then lame cows looked at the next day. 


On our report we track the cows so that any repeat offenders are highlighted. Unresolved cases and persistently lame cows can easily build up which can lead to a high percentage on your mobility score. If lame cows are either cured or culled, then lameness rates improve rapidly. 

We score either as cows enter the collection yard or as they leave the parlour. Robot herds are walked around but either way it is done at no inconvenience to the farmer. Body condition scoring can also be done at the same time. Many herds only score initially to meet contract requirements but quickly see the benefits. 

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