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Beyond Staycations: Essential Pre-Travel Pet preparations

When we get to the holiday season, and a staycation just does not seem enough, we start to look for holidays in more exotic places. This means that it requires more paperwork to take our furry friends with us. Before 2021, we would use European pet passports. However, since then, we need a document called an Animal Health Certificate. These can only be prepared by vets who have undergone extra training to become an Official Veterinarian.

To take our dogs and cats to Europe, they require a Rabies vaccination. Rabies is a disease transmitted by infected wildlife, particularly bats and foxes. We do not vaccinate routinely for this in the UK, as it was eradicated in all animals except bats back in 1922. The only reported cases of the disease have been in animals imported from other countries. This vaccination needs to be done 21 days before the Animal Health certificate is produced. Giving it a chance to produce an immune response. The vaccine lasts 3 years.

The Animal Health Certificate requires an appointment up to 10 days before your date of travel, at this appointment, we must scan your pets microchip, to ensure that we are certifying the correct animal, and we will check all the vaccinations that they have had. After this we can complete the certificate for you to take with you on your travels.

Certain countries have specific regulations which are slightly different than the other countries. For example, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Finland and Norway all require extra worming, for tapeworm before entering their country. This needs to be done 24-120 hours before entry into the country. Sometimes with travel time, this needs to be done at veterinary surgeries in other countries. When travelling to countries outside of the European union, there is more variation in the requirements that they have, so more research will be needed for specific requests.

These requirements help keep them and us safe from any diseases whilst on your travels and when you arrive home. Ensuring that we meet any requirements for your pets travel will mean less stress and hopefully a wonderful time away with your furry friend.

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