• Sheep with smelly feet

    Posted By: Bibby - Farm Vet, 15 Dec

    Recently, I have been to several farms to help come up with a plan to reduce lameness in their flocks. Lameness in sheep is a major welfare and economic challenge. It is estimated to cost the industry £24 million, with 3 million sheep lame in the UK at any one time. There are several reasons why sheep become lame. The most common causes in...

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  • Indy needs help with her persistent intestinal problems

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 8 Dec

    One of the most common problems seen at the practice is vomiting and diarrhoea. Often these will resolve fairly quickly, in a number of days. However in some cases they can persist longer, and then further investigation is needed to find out what is causing the problem. One such case was Indy, a lovely 6 year old crossbreed dog. She presented with...

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  • Rooney’s toe gets sent off

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 1 Dec

    A swollen toe can be an uncomfortable cause of bother, or an unfortunate injury for a footballer, but unlike his namesake, Rooney the Labrador’s condition was far more serious. Rooney is an excitable dog who just wants to make friends but rarely stays still! A swelling by the dog’s nail noted by his owners led to a crucial surgery after...

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  • A Pet’s not just for Christmas it’s for life

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 24 Nov

    Getting a new puppy or kitten can be an exciting and rewarding time, however it can also be a very demanding one. As we come up to Christmas, the number of new puppies and kittens that we see starts to increase. It is important to remember just how much of a time, money and energy commitment they really are! In particular, in the first year of ownership...

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  • Disley learns to cope with 3 legs

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 17 Nov

    A lot of patients we see on a day to day basis sometimes only need to be treated with medication, and will need little further investigation other than a good detailed clinical assessment by a vet.  However, when medication fails to improve symptoms, or things don’t appear straight forward then we have to investigate further in order to...

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  • Being a male Nurse in a “female” nursing world

    Posted By: Callum - Student Nurse, 10 Nov

    My experience within the veterinary practice has been great fun throughout the 3 years I have been working. I started when I was 15 as a kennel assistant on a Saturday placement and really enjoyed being part of the team. Since then I have worked my way up through the ranks and I am now a full time student nurse, studying one day a week at college and...

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  • Should we really vaccinate? - The truth behind our pet vaccines

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 3 Nov

    With the age of the internet and social media, there appears to be more controversy than ever surrounding vaccines, be they for ourselves, our children, or our animals. As pet owners, there is no obligation for vaccination, and it will always be your choice, but as vets we have a duty of care for your animal and it is our job to recommend the best...

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  • Repair of broken Jaw allows Simba to eat again

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 27 Oct

    Cats are inquisitive by nature and natural hunters, which often means that come night time many will venture outdoors to explore their surroundings and exhibit ancestral behaviours. Not uncommonly they bring back their catches to display to their owners! Unfortunately, because of these behaviours, it is not unusual for cats to be brought into us having...

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  • What happened to Ollie?

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 20 Oct

    When you’ve finished that hard working week on a Friday afternoon most just look forward to getting home and relaxing.  For some that relaxing would involve taking the dog for a walk or even sitting with the cat on the sofa and watching a bit of T.V.. That was how Ollie’s owners may have wanted to spend Friday evening but they soon...

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  • Lumps on Sandy's stomach cause concern

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 13 Oct

    A very common reason for pets being bought into the vets is because their owners find an unexpected lump. This was the case for Sandy, a 9 year old Shih Tsu. Her owner had noticed a number of lumps appear on Sandy’s stomach, around her teats. We were not entirely sure how long they had been there but her owner bought her in as soon as she found...

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  • New Exotics Ward

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 6 Oct

    At any veterinary practice, kennels and a cattery are required to hospitalise pets. This may be for the day, prior to or following a procedure, or can be to administer treatment and provide nursing care to an ill patient, possibly extending to overnight or weekend stays. Dogs and cats must be ideally kept separate, minimising stress so as to aid their...

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  • Time for Bed

    Posted By: Sue - Veterinary Nurse, 29 Sep

    Now the days are getting shorter and the nights colder, tortoises are beginning to slow down ready for hibernation. Tortoises naturally stop eating and start digging in, preparing themselves for a long sleep. It is really important to keep giving them a warm bath through this stage. When the temperature drops below 15c they stop metabolising their...

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  • Willow gets a lump on her leg

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 22 Sep

    It frequently seems to be that our pets become unwell while we are away on holiday. Unfortunately this was the case with a lovely, 1 year old Golden Retriever called Willow. She was being looked after by family members and was bought to see us when they noticed a lump inside her right hind leg. It had appeared quite suddenly and they were rightly concerned....

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  • How to look after your pets teeth

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 15 Sep

    No one particularly likes going to the dentist, and certainly most of our pets aren’t too eager to let us look in their mouths for too long, but dental hygiene is very important to your pets overall health. Everyday I’m asked how best to keep animals teeth clean and often how to improve their breath, but there’s a bit more to it...

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  • Barney has surgery to repair his cruciate

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 8 Sep

    For anyone who has a dog one of the best activities that you can do is to simply take them for a walk.  It’s a win win for all parties as both dog and owner not only have some time to unwind and relax, but also to gain a bit of essential exercise.  As a dog owner it’s really enjoyable just to see how much they love the experience,...

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  • Bibby loves goats!

    Posted By: Bibby - Farm Vet, 1 Sep

    For those of you that don’t know me, I have a bit of reputation for being a crazy goat lady.  I think they are wonderful! Goats are happy, intelligent creatures that really enjoy human company. I have been lucky enough this week to have had lots of goat calls. We have had several very cute goat kids in for disbudding. Disbudding is a...

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  • Guts clogged with grass leaves Labrador in a Pickle

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 25 Aug

    Labradors are known for their large appetites, and many owners will be too aware that they are not at all fussy. So if one of the breed goes off their food and won't stop being sick, we know that there is often something very wrong, and it usually is the dog’s non-selective appetite which has caused the problem in the first place. These symptoms...

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  • Trigger gets attacked by a dog and needs a lot of TLC

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 18 Aug

    Our pets provide us with a lot of love and enjoyment but they can also be a massive source of worry. Trigger is a lovely, big ginger cat. He has only just turned 4 years old and is a very playful soul capable of standing up for himself and providing both the love and the worry! His owners came home to find him curled up in the laundry basket, not...

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  • Hattie finds rat bait out on a walk

    Posted By: Sarah - Vet, 11 Aug

    Some of you may have seen a report we put out recently about a particular type of rat bait that had been put down around the Batcombe area. Sadly, we only found out about it after one dog died from poisoning and another needed emergency treatment. It is called ‘Sapphire Paste’ and is particularly tasty for dogs as it has peanut oil in it....

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  • Summer Holiday Check List

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 4 Aug

    Here's Greg's summer holiday check list for travelling with your pets. Suncream – pet specific cream is recommended in fair or thin haired dogs to protect skin in exposed areas (tips of ears, nose etc) from strong UV light on sunny days Microchip records up to date – in case the worst happens, and your dog gets lost in unfamiliar...

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  • The case of the fainting boxer

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 1 Aug

    Genuine repeated episodes of fainting are not something we see that commonly in our patients, so when we do have an animal which is showing intermittent periods of unconsciousness, it can be very intriguing. Reg is a 7 year old Boxer who was brought in on a Monday afternoon after his owner had noticed 2 episodes of fainting during exercise that day. Prior...

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  • Norman, the French Bulldog

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 28 Jul

    Over the past ten years or so it has become very evident that it is no longer possible to treat every dog as ‘just a dog’.  It is obvious to see that no two breeds are the same and there is such diversity with the canine population as whole that we must tailor our canine care to the individual dog.  Just imagine if we fed the...

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  • Freddy gets a lump on his hind leg

    Posted By: Sarah - Vet, 9 Jun

    Freddy and Molly are a beautiful pair of pugs who arrived at their home from a rescue centre. We’re not sure how or if they are related but they are inseparable. They are both sweet natured, friendly little dogs but despite all the training and reassurance their owner gives them, something from their past always makes them anxious when they come...

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  • Mac's lump returns

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 2 Jun

    When owners find an unexpected lump on their pets this can, naturally, be a cause for alarm and something that most want to get checked out straight away. Of course, it is normal to worry that a lump is something sinister but it is important to remember that many lumps and bumps can be successfully treated or managed, especially if detected early. On...

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  • Kitty the bionic cat

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 26 May

    Orthopaedic procedures are performed fairly often here at Shepton Vets, most commonly to repair broken bones, fix displacing kneecaps or correct ligament ruptures within knees. They can be tricky procedures with long recovery times, but extremely rewarding at the end of it all when an animal who was previously unable to walk can run around freely again. Kitty...

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  • Murphy gets Steroid Responsive Meningitis

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 19 May

    Puppies and young dogs tend to be lively and full of energy. Murphy is a 7 month old  Golden Retriever who is usually no different. However, his owners noticed he was becoming quieter than normal, not wanting to get up and play, and was no longer keen to eat. They were understandably worried about this and bought him down to the surgery. ...

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  • Greg gets nervous about his stay in jail

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 17 May

    When I was asked to spend 24 hours in Shepton Mallet’s historic prison, Cornhill, I initially jumped at the chance, as I'd always wanted to explore inside such a fascinating building with lots of equally interesting tales. The fact that it was for charity was an added bonus. SOS Africa is, in its own words a ‘small UK based grassroots...

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  • The joy of Guinea Pigs

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 5 May

    Guinea pigs are a popular but underrated pet in the UK and in veterinary practice only a small proportion are seen regularly compared to our cats and dogs. They can be a really interesting pet to own and are often fascinating to watch, either feasting on food or interacting with their companions, but it is important to be up to speed on their health...

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  • Chester gets a tumour

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 28 Apr

    In the day to day life of a vet in practice, one thing we often notice is just how ‘in tune’ owners can be with their pets, and how familiar they become with their usual habits and routine. So when an owner feels that something isn’t quite right with their pet, even if nothing specific is immediately apparent, we know they will usually...

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  • Feeding fun for your cats

    Posted By: Jade - Veterinary Nurse, 14 Apr

    In the wild, cats have to hunt their food.  This is essentially one big problem for them to solve, first they must find their prey before even attempting to catch it.  Feral cats may spend up to 12 hours a day hunting and would need to catch around 10-20 small rodents each day to meet their calorie requirements!  Although domestic cats...

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  • Wild bird releases make rewarding experiences

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 7 Apr

    The job of a veterinary surgeon can be challenging at times, but the tough experiences are usually outweighed by the rewarding moments. Working with wildlife can be an exciting ‘by-product’ of being a small animal vet in general practice, and there are few more rewarding moments in the career than releasing a wild animal back into its natural...

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  • Ozzy stops eating

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 31 Mar

    One of the ways we know if most of our canine patients are feeling alright is if they eat and enjoy their food.  It’s one of the most fundamental pleasures in life for us all.  However, dogs at times can push this a little too far, eating some of the most disgusting things.  However, their extreme desire to eat anything and everything...

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  • The Mystery of the Dying Lambs

    Posted By: Bibby - Farm Vet, 17 Mar

    I was asked to look at a group of lambs, these lambs were born the previous spring, some of the group had died and the remaining animals were in poor body condition, despite being feed additional concentrate and having access to hay. The owners of these animals were very worried about them. We discussed the history of the lambs, this group were...

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  • Maisie's cough causes concern

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 10 Mar

    One of the appeals of being a vet is that the day can be very variable.  Anything could walk through the door at any point and it’s never a profession where you would complain of being bored!  This was certainly the case when Maisie, a 6 year old cross breed, walked in just over a month ago. Maisie originally came in as her owner...

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  • Miaowing Missy’s weight loss cured by surgery

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 3 Mar

    Missy is a 13 year old cat who had been very well looked after and content in her home for her life until over the course of a few months she started showing unusual behaviours. After a trip to the vets a very common condition was diagnosed and then successfully treated with a straight forward but delicate surgery. Missy had been showing more and...

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  • Ozzy the Wolfhound

    Posted By: Sarah - Vet, 24 Feb

    There can be few more magnificent sights in the canine world than a fully grown Irish Wolfhound. Osiris (or Ozzy as he was affectionately known) was typical of the breed, gentle and mild mannered, but one of the biggest puppies we’d ever seen at the practice. As he grew, he reached a maximum weight of over 90kg, and his owners were justly...

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  • What is a Veterinary Nurse?

    Posted By: Emma Maguire Veterinary Nurse, 20 May

    It’s May, so welcome to National Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month!  I am proud to be a Registered and listed Veterinary Nurse and have worked in practice for over 30 years. I was recently taken aback to discover that (according to a British Veterinary Association survey) some 57% of people don’t know what a Veterinary Nurse does....

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  • Vets Diary - Hyperthyroidism in Cats

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 6 May

    Not all of our patients necessarily make life easy for either us or their owners when they are ill.  Amelie the 11 year old cat was one patient that could be put into that category.  As a Tortoiseshell cat,  she very much believed she could choose her times to do things and if receiving treatment was not in her plans then she had her...

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  • Smallholder Lambing Workshop

    Posted By: Bibby - Farm Vet, 24 Apr

    Shepton Vets Smallholders Club holds practical workshops throughout the year for Smallholders across Somerset. The latest meetings were evening Lambing Workshops which were run in January and March for clients preparing for lambing season. This is always a very popular event, as the workshops provide knowledge and skills, giving the smallholders the...

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  • Vets Diary - Lizzie is April's Pet of the Month

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 21 Apr

    Old English sheepdogs are an unmistakeable and much loved breed, and 10 year old Lizzie is the perfect example of one. However, like other larger breed dogs, they are at risk of a life threatening form of bloat. Having owned the shaggy coated dogs for most of their life, Lizzie’s owners were aware of the signs of this condition and fortunately...

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  • Vets Diary - Baise is March's Pet of the month

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 1 Apr

    Our dogs’ diet can often be a source of worry – and amusement. We go to great effort to choose the right food for them; we want to ensure they get the best nutrition and we worry about palatability and whether they enjoy their food. This is all very important and the concern is understandable but it may seem strange at times that we worry...

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  • Vets Diary - Tizzy is Pet of the Month for February

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 26 Feb

    Tizzy is a very friendly and energetic little Jack Russel puppy. She came to visit us a few weeks ago when her owners noticed a swelling had developed underneath her right eye. It had happened overnight and had not responded to antihistamines, which had been given on veterinary advice. Tizzy was not concerned by the swelling and was eating and drinking...

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