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Christmas video helps send message across

With an ever increasing reliance on technology and the Internet, the public is changing and adapting their ways of taking in and sharing information. In response to this, veterinary practices are finding it necessary and productive to use social media platforms to get their message across to pet owners. As well as a good quality website (often the first thing that a new owner will use to decide on their pet’s chosen vets), a lot of vet practices are using Facebook and Twitter pages to help spread the veterinary word.

Of course, a visit to the practice for a consultation is always the best way to achieve a diagnosis or a satisfactory veterinary answer – because taking a detailed history face to face as well as most importantly a good physical examination are crucial. Telephone advice can often be called on and is sometimes vital too, but for a particularly good way to reach owners and prospective clients especially for messages of preventative health care and emerging disease, look no further than your laptop or tablet.

Online blogging is a good way for owners to read about cases and goings on within the practice – sharing photos of favourite patients gives the public an idea of the routine, an insight into the staff members behind their practice roles, and a taster of behind the scenes hard work. Regular photos and video updates can bond clients to a practice as they often feedback a love of following such stories.

The power of sharing is absolutely vital in some cases, and this is where veterinary practices have really found social media to show its worth. Stray cats and dogs have been a longstanding issue that the public and veterinary practices take on together, and fortunately it is becoming easier to reunite owners with their pets due to the increase in microchipping. But for those pets that aren't microchipped, practices can turn to the Internet to find the animal’s owner out there somewhere. People love a good news story, and are always keen and obliging to share the story of a lost cat or dog in the hope of helping them find their way back to an owner  – and much more often than not, the sharing is hugely successful in getting the animal home.

An official veterinary news story can also easily be shared from a reliable and trustworthy source through a vet social media account. This year there has been particular interest and concern amongst dog owners online with babesiosis, an infectious disease spread by ticks, and Alabama rot, an emerging disease that appears to be linked to muddy woodlands. A veterinary practice’s role is not just to treat animals, but to inform owners, and these issues in particular were very important to alert the public to, but at the same time not attempt to scaremonger as it is necessary to give calm, measured and correct advice and an easy to understand knowledge of the scientific facts.

The message of preventative health care is a hugely important one for veterinary practices to share. This includes vaccination, flea and worm treatment, and neutering – and as vets there is a duty to educate the public on these matters so they are aware of responsible pet ownership. The information can be spread via a simple photo illustrating the point, an informative video, or even a song – yes, a song. Parodies of popular songs can be a fun, eye catching and unique way to appeal to an audience of pet owners, especially the younger generation. Topics of the previously mentioned subjects have been recorded before, but most recently the Shepton Vets team got together to sing and spread an important message of consideration before buying a pet, especially relevant around Christmas time. A pet’s not just for Christmas, it's for life – and at time of writing this singing video message has been viewed over 25000 times! This just goes to show the incredible power of social media. Of course, for those who have not yet had the pleasure of viewing this video, it can be seen by visiting the Shepton Vets Facebook page!

So if just a handful of pet owners take on the messages spread by veterinary practices on these websites, the posting, blogging and sharing will be very worthwhile. It's vitally important to use the tool of social media to reach as many people out there as possible, and together a difference to our pets can be made.

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