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Our latest offering for farm clients is our new Vet Tech Support Service.

Our Vet Tech service can provide assistance with a number of day to tasks and support with monitoring health on your farm.

Our Vet Tech Service includes: 

  • Stress-Free Disbudding: Gold standard disbudding –calves receive sedative, a NSAID and anaesthetic.  This is aimed at reducing stress for the calves which should minimise disruption to the calves growth rates.
  • Calf Vaccinations: Take the hassle out of calf vaccinations, we can administer vaccines and keep  records of when secondary doses are due and administer (if required).
  • Mobility Scoring: A “fresh pair of eyes” can help to asses the lameness on your farm. Our Vet Tech can provide scoring visits as little or often as needed, helping you keep track of progress. All visits are followed up with farm specific data and graphs to help you monitor progress.
  • Youngstock Service: Ask how our Youngstock service can help you monitor growth rates and disease.
  • Ketosis Testing: Milk samples can be delivered to the practice or collection can be arranged.  Results will be fed back the same day.
  • Udder Singeing: this can be done at milking, can help prevent the chance of infectious diseases and can improve robot efficiency.
  • Other Services include: BVD tagging, body condition and teat scoring can help you monitor your herd.



If you would like to discuss any of our Vet Tech services or have any other ideas on services you would find useful please call the farm office team.

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