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  • July 2024 Newsletter covers topics including upcoming training courses on calving, down cows, and tup testing, advice on Selective Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT) to reduce antibiotic usage, lameness management tips, and an AHWP case study.
  • June 2024 Newsletter Including a mini farewell to Harry, A focus on Parasite control and how we can help you. he risk of Bluetongue and the story of Ruper the Pygmy goat.
  • May 2024 Newsletter including a look at Mobility scoring, Bull selection, our most recent DIY AI course and a look at summer scour syndrome.
  • April 2024 Newsletter with a meds update, an XLVets mention, A lok back at the Shepton Top 10, Sheep talk, Hydraulic yokes for TB testing and we meet jade in the office team.
  • March 2024 Newsletter including a goodbye to one of the team,and a focus on our Vet techs
  • February 2024 Newsletter, rounding up the top 10 events, looking to master medicines with our upcoming course and highlighting lungworm in cattle and more.
  • January 2024 Newsletter Including More Shepton Top 10, a look forward to 2024, Calf Pneumonia tip s and vaccine focused medicine updates
  • December 2023 Newsletter Including Shepton Top 10, Christmas social invite, XL vets transistion Cow roadshow, the new Vet attestation rules and a deep dive into Gastrointestinal Roundworms
  • November 2023 Newsletter Including TBAS lunch and learn update, feedback request, Lighting provisions and tps for rRed Tractor reviews
  • October 2023 Newsletter highighting TB, The Dairy Show, Uterine Torsions, Upcoming courses, Liver Fluke, IBR reviews and introducing TBAS lunch and learn and the Shepton top 10
  • September 2023 Newsletter Talking calvng blocks, Dairy show, training, calf pneumonia and more...
  • August 2023 Newsletter talking Mid Somerset Show, Tup testing, Ram fertility, Mastitis investigations, Training course reviews, Johnes review, meet Maria and also teh The National Youngstok Conference. 
  • July 2023 Newsletter talking XLvets, Animal Health and Welfare reviews, highlighting our Worm Egg Count Club, discussing heat stress in cattle and introducing our 2 new TUP and Ram event days
  • June 2023 Newsletter discusses PSDCT, Sustainable livestock production, AHWR, student teaching, Training courses and introduce a new community idea.
  • May 2023 Newsletter discusses Spring, grazing cow considerations, a tech team update, the wrap up of the Winter Discussion Groups and cow hooves. We also have a number of new courses added to our upcoming schedule.
  • April 2023 Newsletter includes a discussion about precautions to ensure successful Selective Dry Cow Therapy, the importance of biosecurity on farm, how to identify and reduce high-risk TB cows and news of our Worm Egg Count Club.
  • March 2023 Newsletter includes a discussion about milk prices and a review on mobility as well as tips for addressing scour challenges and fly control, plus news of our in-house milk culture service.
  • February 2023 Newsletter includes a review of udder health and colostrom quality, lungworm prevention tips and TB trends as well as details of upcoming Pilton discussion evenings and training courses.
  • January 2023 Newsletter includes details of the new DEFRA Animal Health & Welfare Pathway, our mobility scoring results and new scoring report, BVD control, our next Pilton Club meetings and our Spring vaccine offer.
  • December 2022 Newsletter includes Paddy's round up of our special centenary year, respiratory disease in calves, and unusual case of CCN and important vaccine season / meds updates.
  • November 2022 Newsletter includes footbathing best practice and parasite treatment ahead of winter housing, an interesting ketotic suckler cow case study and details of our AMU Pilton Discussion Group.
  • October 2022 Newsletter we launch our new 'Shepton Top 10' programme and 'Farmer of the Year', announce our first Pilton Discussion Group of the year and share some avian flu precautions.
  • September 2022 Newsletter includes a case study on heifer success and profitability of suckler cows, some top tips for optimum ram fertility and meet our new team members Anna and Harry.
  • August 2022 Newsletter read about our Centenary "Tour de Yorkshire" as well as how to spot and manage heat stress in ruminants
  • July 2022 Newsletter it's time to schedule your Johnes reviews plus read about parasite control during the summer and an interesting case study on managing abscesses
  • June 2022 Newsletter includes an update on CHECS TB Accreditation, a review of recent postmortem examinations and a calving cow management case study
  • May 2022 Newsletter read about parasite monitoring and our new Worm Egg Count club, as well as some interesting surgical cases and our Centenary Cycle Challenge! 
  •  April 2022 Newsletter includes a summary of our Johnes discussion group meeting and news about some exciting upcoming centenary celebrations
  • March 2022 Newsletter our new look newsletter with updates on our young stock service, some interesting recent surgical procedures and a summary of our parasite control discussion group
  • February 2022 Newsletter read all about our first ever Young Farmers Club Veterinary Rally, our disbudding and BVD Youngstock Screening services as well as dates for all our upcoming training courses
  • Shepton Talking Beef February Newsletter insightful articles about trace element profiling in your beef herd, how Red Tractor Changes impact on your Herd Health Plan and a reminder about administering Bovigen Scour vaccine
  • Shepton Talking Sheep January Newsletter full of great lambing information
  • January 2022 Newletter covering Centenary celebrations, herdsperson course round-up and important medicine updates
  • December 2021 Newsletter  featuring information about pneumonia in calves, AI course round-up and director changes
  • Shepton Talking Sheep November Newsletter Top tips for managing fluke, planning ahead for lambing by utilising scanning information.
  • November 2021 Edition jam packed newsletter including a dairy show round up, case studies, cattle worming and upcoming dates for your diary.
  • October 2021 Edition featuring details about Johnes, liver fluke in cattle, the Pilton Discussion Group and upcoming training courses.
  • September 2021 Edition featuring details of the South West Dairy Show, CHECS  TB update and upcoming training courses.
  • August 2021 Edition featuring information about our upcoming training courses, 10 top tips from Lottie on making calvings straightforward and information about semen analysis services offered by Shepton vets.
  • July 2021 Edition featuring Emily's adventues in bovine obstetrics, New calving course with Lottie, Vet Tech roundup, medicine update and more
  • June 2021 Edition featuring Infectious Disease pre-purchase checks, Pica in Cattle, environmental schemes on farm, CHECS TB entry level membership and more
  • May 2021 Edition featuring our new post mortem service being run by Rosie and a reminder about the importance of controlling cryptosporidium on farm, plus much , much more!
  • April 2021 Edition featuring reducing the risks of LDAs at turnout, using sexed semen to boost income from calf sales, and new team members. 
  • March 2021 Edition featuring Bovine Ischaemic Teat Necrosis, Red Tractor Medicine Training reminder and new Vet Tech Jade.
  • February 2021 Edition featuring new dates for MilkSure, Lambing and Mastering Medicines Training, and a new TB study from SureFarm.
  • January 2021 Edition featuring planning for turnout, Surrey University students start their placements and Gamma Testing.
  • December 2020 Edition featuring adult pneumonia case study, farm office re-opening on Saturday mornings and January Vaccine promotions.
  • November 2020 Edition featuring Medicines update, calf scour, new lameness pain relief and mobility scoring.
  • October 2020 Edition featuring welcome back Anna, infectious disease control and new medicine training dates.
  • September 2020 Edition  featuring Rodmore Farm milk station, lameness advice, tackling lungworm, pharmacy update and team training offer. 

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