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Past Editions 

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  • September 2021 Edition featuring details of the South West Dairy Show, CHECS  TB update and upcoming training courses.
  • August 2021 Edition featuring information about our upcoming training courses, 10 top tips from Lottie on making calvings straightforward and information about semen analysis services offered by Shepton vets.
  • July 2021 Edition featuring Emily's adventues in bovine obstetrics, New calving course with Lottie, Vet Tech roundup, medicine update and more
  • June 2021 Edition featuring Infectious Disease pre-purchase checks, Pica in Cattle, environmental schemes on farm, CHECS TB entry level membership and more
  • May 2021 Edition featuring our new post mortem service being run by Rosie and a reminder about the importance of controlling cryptosporidium on farm, plus much , much more!
  • April 2021 Edition featuring reducing the risks of LDAs at turnout, using sexed semen to boost income from calf sales, and new team members. 
  • March 2021 Edition featuring Bovine Ischaemic Teat Necrosis, Red Tractor Medicine Training reminder and new Vet Tech Jade.
  • February 2021 Edition featuring new dates for MilkSure, Lambing and Mastering Medicines Training, and a new TB study from SureFarm.
  • January 2021 Edition featuring planning for turnout, Surrey University students start their placements and Gamma Testing.
  • December 2020 Edition featuring adult pneumonia case study, farm office re-opening on Saturday mornings and January Vaccine promotions.
  • November 2020 Edition featuring Medicines update, calf scour, new lameness pain relief and mobility scoring.
  • October 2020 Edition featuring welcome back Anna, infectious disease control and new medicine training dates.
  • September 2020 Edition  featuring Rodmore Farm milk station, lameness advice, tackling lungworm, pharmacy update and team training offer. 

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