• Getting Ready for Lambing

    Posted By: Bibby - Farm Vet, 7 Jan

    We had an amazing summer, lovely and sunny and very dry. Now that the nights have drawn in and it’s  colder, those sunny days seem like a distant memory. It’s easy to forget about summer now that we’re starting to get busy with our winter jobs. Sheep work is very seasonal. For our sheep farmers to get the most out of their...

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  • Philip’s Clown Feet Show Up Another Elderly Cat Condition

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 3 Jan

    Elderly cats often need to be cared for and monitored more closely in their twilight years compared to their younger more care free days. When cats reach the milestone of 11 years old, they are classed as a ‘senior’ patient and can be vulnerable to several age related conditions such as hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, and diabetes mellitus,...

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  • Luna has Hyperthyroidism

    Posted By: Louisa - Vet, 27 Dec

    Meet Luna, a beautiful tortoiseshell domestic short haired cat, who was adopted by her owners from Happy Landings when she was a kitten, 10 years ago. A few months ago, Luna’s observant owners noticed that she was ravenously hungry all the time and despite this, was rapidly losing weight which prompted them to bring her into the surgery for a...

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  • Buddy’s Bottom trouble

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 20 Dec

    Looking at your pet’s poo isn’t always the most glamorous of jobs for you or us, but it can be very important in determining the overall health of their digestive system. Different colours can give an indication if the digestive system is working too quickly, underlying liver or pancreatic disease, if any bleeding is present, and more!...

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  • Time to Prepare For Pet Travel Plans

    Posted By: Gudi - Vet, 17 Dec

    In the midst of the festive season, summer holidays may be the last thing on our minds, but it won’t be long before many of us are planning our annual break for 2019. And for many pet owners, a holiday is just not a holiday without the dog or cat. However, with potential changes to pet travel regulations on the horizon, it seems we may need to...

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  • Spotty the Dalmatian needs our help

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 14 Dec

    As all dog lovers know, no two dogs are the same. In fact, on of the endearing features of the species is that domestic dogs come in so many different shapes and sizes, as well as a huge variation in temperament, coat types and colours. So no matter what your feelings, there is generally a dog, pedigree or cross, to suit you. However, there are often...

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  • A Monstrous Story

    Posted By: Polly - Vet, 7 Dec

    It was a beautiful, blustery Spring day in Cornwall. My husband and I were walking our Boxer dog along the coast path behind the beach near Padstow. Lots of other families were making the most of the good weather too, and Monster soon found a little Jack Russell terrier to play with. They darted back and forth, one chasing the other, then swapping...

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  • Keeping your small furries warm this winter

    Posted By: Nat - Vet Nurse, 26 Nov

    Before bunnies and Guinea pigs became domesticated and were in the wild, they would burrow underground to stay warm with all of their friends and huddle in groups to share body heat. Many of our small furry friends face a cold spell over the winter months alone at the bottom of the garden.  There fore we want to share some tips for keeping your...

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  • The Dangers of Rat Poison

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 23 Nov

    Many dogs love to try out all sorts of different things with their mouths and this can often lead to them ingesting substances which shouldn’t be ingested.The most common examples we see include chocolate, onions, toys, socks, plastics, the list goes on….! Cats tend to be a bit more sensible although even so we will occasionally see...

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  • Keeping Chickens

    Posted By: Lynn Broom, 16 Nov

    Chickens can make great pets as well as providing eggs. A small flock of 2 to 10 can easily be kept in even a small garden providing they are not specifically prohibited (as may apply to new housing estates). Providing they have a safe place to nest at night & a secure area to potter around to allow normal behaviour such as pecking and scratching,...

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  • A very abnormal day

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 5 Nov

    One thing that certainly appeals about the job of a veterinary surgeon is the varied nature of the role. Just as with any job, there are plenty of routine, day-to-day procedures, but we always know that our day can be turned upside down at any point if something unexpected crops up. This can make the job stressful of course, but also very satisfying...

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  • Types of over the counter products that can help your pet cope with fireworks

    Posted By: Polly - Vet, 31 Oct

    We offer a variety of products to help your pets cope with the fear and anxiety that can be caused by fireworks. Here’s a summary of what is available to you without prescription. If you know your pet is very frightened by fireworks, it might be more appropriate to prescribe him or her a sedative for fireworks night. If in doubt, make an...

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  • Top tips for keeping your pets happy and safe during fireworks season

    Posted By: Polly - Vet, 29 Oct

    As nights draw in, we look forward to the autumn fun of events like Halloween and Bonfire Night. Early evenings are perfect for these occasions but can be a nightmare for our pets.  We have put together a few top tips to help your dogs get through the firework season. There are many products and training methods available which can...

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  • How does your Tortoise weigh up?

    Posted By: Sue - Veterinary Nurse, 26 Oct

    As the days get shorter and the nights colder, tortoises are slowing down, in some cases they have stopped eating and are already in pre-hibernation wind down.  The exceptionally warm weather recently had some of them eating again,  delaying the process for a few more weeks.  The exceptionally hot Summer has been good for tortoises,...

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  • Barney needs help with a lump

    Posted By: Gudi - Vet, 19 Oct

    Lumps and bumps are a common reason for dog owners to come and see us at the practice. Many dogs live with the odd warty growth or fatty lump for years – we get used to their size and character and check them at each visit. Nevertheless, when an owner discovers a newly appeared lump on their dog it can be a real worry, so they are keen to have...

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  • Bull MOT

    Posted By: Charlie - Farm Vet, 12 Oct

    This week I was out on a farm, giving some special attention to one of the most important animals on any cattle farm – the bull! Bulls need this special attention, particularly if they reside on beef farms, as once per year they have an incredibly important job to do. They are tasked with getting all of the cows (or as I like to call them,...

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  • Theo needs help with his twisted stomach

    Posted By: Lynn Broom, 5 Oct

    Theo is a 10 year old male neutered Weimaraner. One Friday evening he had enjoyed his dinner as normal but, within a few hours, it became clear that he was feeling really unwell. He was retching and trying to be sick and his abdomen was swelling up. As soon as his owners realised that he was ill, they rang our out of hours service and we immediately...

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  • Ollie & Tashi cause their owners concern

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 28 Sep

    When owners need to bring their pets to see us, we know it can be a stressful time. We understand that, in all honesty, our clients would rather not be at the vets with a poorly pet. So we hope these upsetting episodes are single, isolated events that we can make as low-stress as possible and deal with as a one-off. However, the owners of Tashi and...

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  • Eggs ruin tortoise’s appetite

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 21 Sep

    The long hot summer heatwave may have caused different reactions among the population earlier in the year, but amongst tortoises, the warm, dry weather provoked a perhaps unexpected response – rampant non-stop breeding behaviour as the conditions were perfect for their reproductive activity. Lady Hamilton the tortoise, or Emma to her friends,...

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  • Complicated case of immune system over activity

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 14 Sep

    Almost all breeds of animals are prone to developing certain conditions throughout their life due to the specific genetics of individual breeds. For example, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels often develop heart murmurs in their old age, and Persian cats may be more likely to develop kidney issues at a young age. The unusually named Nova Scotia Duck Tolling...

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  • Betty takes an interest in Grandpa's medication

    Posted By: Gudi - Vet, 7 Sep

    In the everyday life of a small animal vet, “have they eaten anything they shouldn’t have?” and “have any toys or items gone missing from the house?” are very common questions, certainly when dealing with dogs.  We find that most dogs fall into one of two main types. There is the first type – highly discerning,...

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  • What it's like to be a new vet at Shepton Vets

    Posted By: Louisa - Vet, 31 Aug

    Just over one month ago, I embarked on a very exciting journey; a new home, in a new town with a new job at the Vets after quite literally a lifetime in education! Walking to work in glorious Shepton sunshine one Monday morning, I was filled with nervous excitement of what was about to be and eager to get stuck in. Since then I have met and examined...

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  • Dealing with Problematic grass seeds

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 24 Aug

    [Text Box: The 4 grass seeds removed from Barney’s ear. Notice the long strands which often prevent backwards movement of the seeds.] As all dog and cat owners know, this time of year is rife with potential problems our companions encounter from their outdoor activities. During the summer months when dog walking is at its highest and they are...

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  • Should I get pet insurance?

    Posted By: Lynn Broom, 17 Aug

    The options in veterinary medicine have progressed and improved hugely in recent years and, whilst not appropriate in all circumstances, advanced diagnostics and surgery are now available. With this comes increased costs and specialist treatment can easily run to several thousand pounds. Accidents, injuries and illnesses often come ‘out of...

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  • Anna trains farmers in Africa with Send a Cow

    Posted By: Anna - Farm Vet, 3 Aug

    Shepton Vets is a member of XLVets; this means it is part of a group of 50 or so independently owned veterinary practices that work together, sharing knowledge and experience.  One of the great things about working for a practice that is a member of XLVets is the opportunities that arise as a result of being part of this large community of vets.  I...

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  • When a kitten gets caught up in a cat fight…

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 27 Jul

    Cat fights are a common result of a large amount of cats in a small residential area, so related injuries are often seen at the vets. However Freckles’ case was a lot more unusual than most – because of the severity of the injuries, and also because she was caught in the crossfire! Freckles had only just started venturing outdoors after...

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  • Tetley has a sore eye

    Posted By: Sarah - Vet, 20 Jul

    We quite often see dogs and cats with sore eyes at the surgery, and the cause can vary from a mild conjunctivitis to a serious problem that can even lead to the loss of an eye so they always warrant a check . Recently, Vet Josh saw Tetley who is a sprightly older gentleman, with an uncomfortable eye caused by a corneal ulcer. The cornea is the clear...

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  • Samson has a retained testicle

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 13 Jul

    One of the most enjoyable parts of being a vet is meeting the adorable new puppies and kittens that visit us, and getting the chance to give them a healthy start in life.  Getting their healthcare right from the very beginning is essential, helping to prevent problems occurring in the future.  As well as being a lot of fun, it’s also...

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  • Butch has an unusual lump in the throat

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 6 Jul

    Owners know their animals better than anyone, and they certainly know when their pets aren't feeling quite right. In fact many people bring their pets in to us because they feel they' just aren't themselves', or they are 'not quite right'; it is then our job as best we can to work out what might be going on and get them back...

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  • Charly gets into trouble on the farm

    Posted By: Gudi - Vet, 29 Jun

    In a busy mixed practice, we have to expect that the phone can ring at any moment with an emergency. And when it’s our farm office that receives an urgent call from a farmer, we can usually be pretty sure the problem is with a cow or a sheep. But this was not the case with the call that started this story, and the result required collaboration...

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  • Megan needs surgery for a uterine infection

    Posted By: Lynn Broom, 22 Jun

    You know your own dog and you know when something isn’t normal. Megan’s owners realised she had not been ‘quite right’ since her season started 3 weeks previously. Megan was a bit quiet and off her food. She was drinking more  and had more discharge than was normal at this stage. She had a slightly raised temperature...

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  • Flystrike

    Posted By: Faye - Vet Nurse, 15 Jun

    It has finally got to that time of year where we can start to enjoy a little bit of sunshine. However, as the warmer months approach, spare a thought for any indoor and outdoor rabbits. Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK after cats and dogs; however their health and welfare needs are often very much misunderstood. During the summer...

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  • Merlin and his many trips to the vets

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 8 Jun

    Dalamatians are an unmistakeable and much loved breed, but seven year old Merlin is definitely a familiar and recognisable face at the practice due to his regular visits because of various ailments over the past few years. As if having a spinal problem in his neck wasn’t enough, Merlin then had problems going to the toilet that resulted in surgery,...

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  • Thomas the Dachshund

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 25 May

    There are several different ways of taking on a pet.  Many do research for weeks or months, and then find the most appropriate breed for them at their local rescue centre or from a breeder.  Equally others fall into it, as fate plays its part.  The owner of Thomas however is one of those incredibly kind soles that takes on pets when...

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  • A farm vets view

    Posted By: Rob - Farm Vet, 18 May

    I have been enjoying the sunshine over the last couple of weeks; it is amazing how quickly things change. The young lambs are running around the fields and lots of beef and dairy cattle are out grazing. This gives some of our clients a small break from all the winter work of bedding up cattle, cleaning them out and feeding them. Several of the beef...

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  • An unusual case of arthritis in Stanley the puppy

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 11 May

    Puppies are extremely inquisitive and curious, and as such will often eat things they shouldn’t do (as many owners know all too well!). Because of this it is not unusual for us to see many puppies for digestive upsets such as vomiting and diarrhoea. When Stanley, a 5 and a half month old Cocker Spaniel, initially presented with diarrhoea...

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  • Murphy needs help with a dislocated jaw

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 4 May

    Waking up at the weekend after a hard week at work usually brings the possibility of relaxation – perhaps a lie-in, a leisurely coffee and a bit of time to yourself. However, as the owners of Murphy, a five year old cat, awoke one Saturday morning they did not get the relaxing start to the weekend that they were looking forward to. Instead they...

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  • Arry the parrot and his regular blood tests

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 27 Apr

    Birds don’t make up a very large number of our patients at the practice, which makes their visits and appointments all the more interesting. One avian patient that we have grown accustomed to welcoming to the surgery is a 20 year old African Grey parrot – affectionately known as ‘Arry! Having arrived with a history of medical issues,...

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  • From TB to Small Animal Vet

    Posted By: Lynn Broom, 13 Apr

    Having qualified as a vet 18 years ago I have seen and treated a significant variety of animals. These have ranged from the smallest including hamsters, budgies and geckos up to the largest including bulls and stallions. Four years ago I traded in the comfort of a small animal clinic to work on farms almost exclusively TB testing cows which involves...

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  • Greg's travels in Australia

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 16 Mar

    A week into the Australian job and I feel just about settled into Aussie life. The veterinary practice I am working at is situated at Central Coast - an area of suburb approximately 80km north of Sydney, and is surprisingly, on the coast! That’s a definite benefit to living here (as well as the constant sunshine) and means I get to enjoy the...

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  • Greg's travels in Australia

    Posted By: Greg - Vet, 16 Mar

    A week into the Australian job and I feel just about settled into Aussie life. The veterinary practice I am working at is situated at Central Coast - an area of suburb approximately 80km north of Sydney, and is surprisingly, on the coast! That’s a definite benefit to living here (as well as the constant sunshine) and means I get to enjoy the...

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  • 100 Keyhole spays

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 2 Mar

    Veterinary medicine is an ever-developing world and, as a practising vet, it is important that I keep up to date with advancements in our knowledge. In fact, continuing professional development is not only a strict requirement, regulated by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, but is an enjoyable and rewarding part of the profession. My regular...

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  • An ongoing cough caused by an unusual problem

    Posted By: Josh - Vet, 23 Feb

    Animals presenting with a cough is something we see every day here at the vets. Often these can be managed simply with the right medications, however sometimes further investigations are needed to find the exact cause of a cough. Perhaps the most common reason we see for coughing is a simple viral infection known colloquially as kennel cough –...

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  • Heart disease in Cavaliers

    Posted By: Sarah - Vet, 9 Feb

    The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is an old and well established breed in the UK. With their engaging gentle natures, they make lovely family pets, and Thomas is a good example. He lives with his owners and 3 other Cavaliers. They make an impressive pack when they are all together. Unfortunately, there are some health problems that are fairly common...

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  • Bella fractures her foot

    Posted By: Martin - Vet, 26 Jan

    Going for a walk with your dog on a Sunday is part of our culture, even if your dog is a 1.9kg toy breed.  Bella the lively 1.9kg Chihuahua cross Pomeranian was enjoying her weekend activities, as any dog would, when a freak fall caused a lot of stress for her and her owner. One minute Bella was fine and then she let out a shriek and was instantly...

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  • Marley has a dislocated hip

    Posted By: Ellen - Vet, 12 Jan

    Saturday mornings at the practice are often a busy time, with a mixture of routine appointments and emergencies that are dealt with as they arrive. Marley is one patient who came in as an emergency when he came home unable to use one of his hind legs. He was bought straight into the surgery where it became clear he was very uncomfortable in his right...

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