Shepton Daisy Bureau Service

Our Daisy Bureau Service team are here to help save you valuable time by managing your herd records for you.

We aim to reduce the burden of records, paperwork and bureaucracy for our clients, freeing up their time and resources to allow them to focus on their farm.

Our Daisy Bureau Service can help you with:

  • Day to day management reports including vet lists, medicine records, farm assurance reports..
  • Drying off, calving and cows to serve lists - we can send you daily text messages with this data.
  • Registrations of births and movement reporting to BCMS.
  • Herd performance review and milk recording analysis.
  • Extensive data analysis to highlight areas of good performance and pinpoint opportunities for improving performance.
  • Our Daisy Bureau Service team offer a 3-month free trial to clients who milk record

Our Daisy Bureau Service also run a benchmarking and discussion group – the Shepton Daisy Club – who meet regularly to review individual farm data and compare it to other local farms.  We aim to advise on business specific best practice to meet your own personal targets.

Together the Daisy Bureau Service and our recording software allow us to monitor and analyse fertility and disease incidence, identifying areas of strength and opportunity.  We regularly provide benchmarking information to our clients, and can provide a monthly Milk Alert report to any herd which milk records, regardless of recording organisation.  This allows our customers to further improve the utilisation of farm information.

The practice has one of the largest private bureaus in the country, staffed by three specialist operators.  We currently keep records for over 12,000 cows belonging to over 40 units. 

Our Daisy Bureau Service can be tailor-made to fit the requirements of any individual farm and we are always happy to discuss bespoke services for any individual herd.

If you would like to discuss our Daisy Bureau Service further please call the office on 01749 341761 or email




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