What to do if you find a cat?

People often bring in 'found' cats to the practice, as they are concerned that they might be strays. 

So here are a few top tips for when you think you might have found a stray cat.

If you find a cat in distress, that is injured or in a bad condition, the first step would be to bring it to the vets.

If you find a cat that is well groomed, in good body condition and appears healthy, they may have an owner (and they do not need to be brought into the vets straightaway).

So please leave it there, but monitor for the next few days - following this guide:

1. First try to avoid feeding them as regardless of whether they are a stray or have an owner, this will encourage them to keep coming back. Ask around where you live – neighbours etc, could put up posters locally.

2. Reporting to local rescue centres or vets can useful, as most will have lost and found records.

3. Cats Protection have a useful printable paper collar to help you find out if a cat has a home. 
You can find it here: https://www.cats.org.uk/…/COM_1032_Lost_and_found_collar_pr…

4. If this brings no owner forward then the lost and found branch of cats protection may be helpful, or you can bring it in to the vets to be scanned for a microchip. 
If there is a microchip, the cat’s owners can then be contacted.

5. If there is no chip, but the cat is otherwise healthy then we would ask that it is put back where they came from.

6. Keep an eye on them over the next few weeks. If they are still present then getting back in touch with either the Cats Protection or a local rescue centre is sensible.

If in doubt, please give us a call before you remove the cat and we can offer advice over the phone

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