We have several vets who have an interest in chickens in particular and poultry in general and who have attended a training course run by The Chicken Vet. The practice continues to have access to the Chicken Vet’s expertise and advice when required.

We keep a number of poultry specific medications in stock and we are happy to see sick chickens and discuss their immediate needs as well as preventative care for individuals and flocks.

Chickens are prone to parasitic infections which include mites, lice and internal parasites and we are happy to provide both preventative and treatment advice for these infections.

The care available ranges from consultations with advice and options for treatment which may be medication and can include further investigations and treatment such as blood tests and surgery where required.

Whilst we appreciate that, for many people, a chicken is simply a producer of eggs we understand that, to others, they have individual personalities and become much loved members of the family and we tailor our advice and the options available to the individual owner.

We do run informative evenings including practical sessions for small flock keepers to help with the understanding of chickens, management and their health and what to watch out for in the early signs of illness.

We are also happy to see all other poultry species and have had a variety of species through the door including ducks, geese, turkeys and peacocks. Every species has individual susceptibilities to different diseases and knowing this helps in diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


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