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Our Healthy Pets Club can help you provide your pet with all their routine healthcare treatments in one simple monthly payment.

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If you, like us, see your pet as a member of the family, you'll want to do all you can to keep them healthy and happy. Regular preventative healthcare helps safeguard your pet's health and wellbeing. But we know there's a lot to think about - keeping track of treatment programmes and budgeting for the costs can be difficult with a busy lifestyle.

Our Healthy Pets Club combines all of your pet's essential, routine veterinary care. With vaccinations, flea and worming treatment taken care of, you can relax, knowing your pet's healthcare is in safe hands.

What's covered?

  • Annual vaccinations and health check
  • 12 months of routine flea and worm treatment
  • Free microchip for puppies and kittens
  • Free nail clipping - two visits per year
  • 10% off kennel cough vaccination
  • 10% off any additional parasite treatment
  • 5% off pet food
  • 10% off neutering costs
  • 10% off dental treatments
  • 10% off pet shop sales (excluding food, prescription medication and supplements)

​Plans start from only £13.75 per month and vary depending of the weight of your dog.

​Our Healthy Pets Club plans cater for cats and dogs. All our dogs plans are priced according to their adult bodyweight.


Puppy and Kitten plans

Welcoming a new kitten or puppy into the family can become an expensive experience. 


Cute kitten and puppy

Our puppy and kitten plans include their primary vaccination course and can also include the cost of neutering your pet - taking care of ALL your pet's planned essential treatment for their first year in one simple monthly payment.

How does our Healthy Pets Club work?

  • Speak to one of our team when you're at the surgery, who will talk you through filling out the application form - you will need your bank account details to set up a direct debit form.
  • You'll only pay your first months instalment up front and then we will arrange your monthly payments from there.
  • You will take home 3 months supply of flea and worm treatment for adult pets or a months supply for puppies and kittens.
  • We will send you a text message to remind you to apply your treatment.

Our Healthy Pets Club covers your pet's preventative healthcare treatments, but it does not include visits to the Vet if your pet becomes unwell.

We strongly recommend pet insurance to all over clients, to help cover the cost of treatment if you pet is ill. If you would like any advice on how pet insurance works, please speak to a member of our team.





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