Our Facilities

Surgical Theatres

At the surgery we carry out a wide range of surgical procedures, from spaying and castrating to major abdominal surgery and repairing fractured limbs. We have 2 purpose built, fully equipped surgical theatres with strict safety and hygiene standards so that you can be confident your pet is in good hands.

Vet and Nurse in Surgery

X-ray and Ultrasound Suite

We have an x-ray and ultrasound suite on site to enable a thorough work-up in the case of illness in your pet. We have a good working relationship with several specialists and are able to refer our x-rays for specialist interpretation to assist with diagnosis and treatment in difficult cases.

Xray and image room

Dental Surgery

Dental disease is a very real problem for our pets, causing mouth pain and eating problems but also leading to other generalised illnesses. At the surgery we carry out dentistry on a daily basis to help manage dental disease in your pet. We follow up dental procedures with a tailored plan to help maintain dental health in the individual pet and offer a range of pet dental products.


Dental area

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