DIY AI Training Course

Shepton Vets DIY AI Training Course

Our Bovine DIY AI Training Course can help you increase you profitability, by providing you with the best DIY AI  techniques and skills for your farm. 


Why choose this course?

If you would like to learn how to safely and successfully artificially inseminate cows this course is for you. Shepton Vets have run many AI courses over the years training delegates of all ages and backgrounds.

We use a combination of classroom theory and on farm practical sessions during this 3-day course. We have a training cow that is unique to Shepton Vets AI courses that will help you learn this new skill.

Completion of this course leads to a licenced AI certificate. We offer a follow up visit to your farm after the course to support progression.


AI refresher courses are available on request

Refresher courses are for those who have done a full AI course and hold an AI certificate. We regularly run these on a one-to-one basis on farm. These sessions are designed for those wanting to improve their confidence with AI or for those that haven’t inseminated cows recently. Perhaps you are just about to start serving and want to maximise your chances of generating as many pregnancies as possible.

We are often able to suggest some fine tuning to semen handling or gun placement that can improve AI results. Contact the office to find out more.

Key learning objectives:

Understand and be able to perform best practice semen handling and safe AI technique

Course Topics Covered: 

  • The regulations and welfare considerations relating to artificial insemination in the UK

  • Anatomy of the cow’s reproductive tract, oestrus detection, fertility management and correct timing of AI

  • The theory of correct semen handling and AI technique

  • Practical session using abattoir specimens on anatomy and AI gun placement

  • Practical session using our model, training cow on anatomy and AI gun placement

  • Progressing to practical sessions using live cows to safely practice AI gun placement and insemination technique

Course Agenda:

  1. Day 1
    A classroom session that begins by covering the legislation relating to AI, the anatomy of the female cow’s reproductive tract, how and when to AI cows, fertility management to maximise the chances of successful pregnancies, how to thaw semen and load an AI guns. This session is interactive, and we use lots of visual aids to aid understanding and make this training memorable. A practical session follows using abattoir specimens to reinforce what was discussed in the theory session. The training cow replicates the anatomy and feel of a real cow. She is used to give experience of passing an AI gun through the cervix before moving onto real cows during day 2 and 3.

  2. Day 2
    This day is spent on farm with lots of cows to practice on. The purpose is this day is to give you as much practice as possible at safely passing AI guns through cow’s cervixes. Our vets will support you to optimise gun position inside of the cow.

  3. Day 3
    This day is spent on farm with more cows to practice on. The purpose of this day is to consolidate skills picked up on day 1 and 2 and continue practicing on live cows. There will be an informal assessment at the end where you will AI cows with lube and we will ultrasound scan the cows to confirm positioning.

  4. Follow up session
    This will be offered 6- 8 weeks after your course if you live within an hour of Shepton Mallet. This session is used to check progression, if you have had any difficulties these can be discussed and acted on as necessary.


Our AI courses are Vet led - Charlie, Anna, and Rosie are experienced AI trainers

“At the end of the course, trainees were able to safely perform AI on live cows, and now all they needed to do is go away and build their experience. The AI course includes a follow-up session with individuals 6–8 weeks after their course to support their progression.”

Rosie Lyle

Course Duration:
3 Days

Course Format (e.g. in-person, online, hybrid):
In person

Course Materials Provided:
Course booklet provided on Day 1

Course location:
Classroom theory – Shepton Vets Shepton Veterinary Group Limited Allyn Saxon Drive Shepton Mallet BA4 5QH

On farm practical location –
TBC, farms around Shepton Mallet

Delegates must be 16 or over to attend this course. We limit places to 6 on this course. Booking early is recommended

To bring
On day 2 and 3 bring a clean pair of wellies, waterproof trousers, and a parlour top. Lunch is needed for day 2 and 3

Is lunch included?
Only on day 1, please bring a packed lunch for day 2 and 3

What sort of lunch?
Lunch will be a cold sandwich selection 

Dietary requirements needed?
Please contact the farm office if you have any dietary requirements, we should be aware of

£550 + VAT per person
A £100 deposit will be payable upon booking. The balance will be due before the course start date

Payment options:
Please call the farm office directly. Please call the office to make a payment

Cancellation policies:
Cancellations up to 14 working days before the course start date will result in a refund. Please contact the office if you need to cancel


If you have any questions, please email or call 01749 341 761

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