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Whilst we wait for one vaccine lets not forget about others! Keep up to date with pet vaccinations.

We are very pleased to bring you an update about our practice procedures during the Covid 19 lockdown, and let you know that we will be providing some routine pet vaccination appointments from Wednesday 20th May. 

Over the last six weeks of lockdown we’ve had to make some changes to the way we work at the practice. In order to minimise travel and contact we have limited our work to essential, emergency treatment only.  This has inevitably meant that we have had to delay many pets’ routine vaccinations, and we have really appreciated your understanding and cooperation at this uncertain time.  

However, as the lockdown continues, we are conscious that further delay might see some patients lapse on these vaccines and, given that they protect our pets against life-threatening diseases, we are concerned about the risk of disease outbreaks occurring. We have therefore made the decision to start offering some pet vaccination appointments in order to proven lapses in protection.   

To allow us to offer pet vaccination appointments in the safest way possible for both our clients and our staff, we will operate these appointments in a booster clinic operating at our Wells Vets branch, with a dedicated team, from Wednesday 20th May. The Wells branch is based in a quiet setting with spacious car parking and provides an ideal facility to allow social distancing whilst still offering your pets the care and attention they need.  

We will prioritise booster appointments for patients whose vaccinations have been due in the last 6-8 weeks. We will therefore be contacting these clients soon.  If your pet’s booster vaccination was due recently, please look out for your reminder arriving by text, postcard or phone call and, once you have received it, give us a call on either 01749 343955 or 01749 678420 to book.

When arranging your appointment please also let us know if you will need to pick up additional treatment at the time so we can ensure everything is ready for collection at your appointment. On arrival at the branch our team will meet you in the car park to discuss your pet’s health and collect them from you. The vet and nurse will then conduct your pet’s health check and vaccination in the clinic whilst you wait.

We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon, and ensuring we can keep them protected against life-threatening disease – after all, if this episode has taught us anything then it’s the benefit of an effective vaccine!

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