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Vet Tech catch up

Vet Tech catch up 

Vet Tech Jade has been a key part of the Shepton Vets farm team since 2021 in the tech team. Central to Jades work day to day is to manage and administer the ‘vaccination round’. We have more than 30 farms on our vaccine scheme, each week Jade visits farms to administer vaccines for pneumonia and ringworm.  
For pneumonia we offer 2 types of vaccines 

bovalto Intranasal, which can be given as early as 1 week old 

2 – Bovalto Respi 3, which can be given from 2 weeks old 

We also offer Trichovec - ringworm vaccine which can also be given from 2 weeks old 

“Our vaccination round can really help on busy farms. Farmers benefit from the scheme by vaccinating calves when needed without vaccine wastage for the farm. We aim to plan a visit in advance where possible, but when not possible, we simply send a message the day before requesting calf ear tag numbers. We then visit the farm and vaccinate the calves for the farmers, providing an efficient service that doesn’t require the farmer. Farms can be assured that the calves are vaccinated whilst they can focus on other tasks.”  
- Vet tech Jade 
The Shepton Farm Vet Tech team can also offer udder singing, disbudding and parasite control. Please contact the office if any of our services interest you. 

Vet Tech Jo

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