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Super Charged Ozzy Ate Battery from Dog Toy

Ozzy is a one-and-a-half-year-old fun loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he is full of beans and enjoys playing with his many toys. So, when Ozzy`s owner noticed he had chewed up a dog toy containing three small 5mm disc batteries and was only able to find two of the batteries, she was sure Ozzy had eaten the third.

For these reasons it is contraindicated to induce vomiting when a pet has eaten a battery, as the caustic substance will burn and cause further tissue damage.

Following Ozzys arrival, he was sedated to perform an x ray of his abdomen and oesophagus, to highlight the location of the battery. Vet Rosie would then be able to decide which would be the best surgical procedure for the removal of the battery.

In some cases, foreign objects can be removed endoscopically which involves a long thin tube with a camera inside being introduced into the body through the mouth. The vet can then have a look in the stomach and intestine, if the object is located it may be possible to remove it using a claw, therefore avoiding a laparotomy which is a more serious abdominal surgery.

Vet Rosie and I were elated when the x ray showed Ozzy was not super charged as he had not eaten the battery. The x ray picture shows his abdomen, which is clear, we placed one of the other batteries just under this in the right-hand side, to highlight what we would expect to see if he had eaten a battery.

Once Ozzy recovered from his sedation, he was able to go home, and go about his business as usual.



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