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AHWP Visits

The Animal Health and Welfare Review (AHWR) is a new government initiative that was launched earlier this year. Our vets have been conducting visits under this initiative to our dairy, beef and sheep clients in order to review herd health and provide a bespoke visit and report to our farms. The aim is to improve animal health and welfare across the livestock industry through this funded visit. 

The basic requirements for signing up for the AHWP initiative: 

· BPS Registered Farms 

· Dairy Cattle: 11 or more animals; must do BVD bulk tank PCR OR youngstock screen as part of AHWR 

· Beef Cattle: 11 or more animals; must do BVD youngstock screen 

· Sheep: 21 or more animals 

Some examples of what we have done on AHWR visits so far include: on-farm training refreshers, youngstock health, flock health, mobility and lameness, transition management, BVD and Johnes control, and trace element status to name a few. We have a diverse team of farm animal veterinarians with various areas of expertise able to deliver a bespoke visit under the AHWR. If you qualify and are interested in signing up and scheduling a visit under the AHWR, please contact the practice for further information on how to do so. 

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