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Last month Charlie attended the XLVets Buying Services Annual Meeting

Last month I attended the XLVets Buying Services Annual Meeting, which gives us all a great chance to catch up and discuss opportunities and challenges with our medicine supply, but also within our own practices. It was felt that many clients (both current and prospective) do not fully understand what XLVets is and why we feel it’s an important part of our business, so I’ll attempt to give a brief rundown of the XLVets community.

XLVets is a group made up of member practices, which are all independently owned by the people working within those practices, XLVets has no share in these practices, but the practices have a share in XLVets. This means that every practice is entirely free to operate as it wishes, without any vested interest from corporate owners, but we have a large network of similar businesses so that we can share ideas and issues with confidence – much like a dairy discussion group.
Due to the numbers of practices involved, we also own our own medicines wholesaler who deal directly with pharmaceutical companies on our behalf. 

This direct link means that we get the best prices possible on the products stocked at the wholesaler – but this is not every single product on the market, hence why we may look to supply identical product X over identical product Y, as this will end up with a better price to yourselves.Finally, XLVets is a great community, with regular academic, business and social events for our vets, nurses and administration staff. We have online forums and knowledge bases where we can share cases, ask questions and call upon the knowledge of hundreds of farm vets.

I hope this gives some insight into why we feel XLVets is important to Shepton Vets and is markedly different from a corporately owned practice model. We make the decisions at practice level, share ideas with colleagues, and have ‘skin in the game’ so we look to make the best decisions both for us and for you.

- Farm Vet Charlie


In conclusion, our participation in XLVets has proven to be invaluable for Shepton Vets and our commitment to delivering exceptional veterinary care. As an independently owned practice, we greatly value the freedom to make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients and patients, without any external corporate influence. Being part of the XLVets community provides us with a vast network of like-minded practices, allowing us to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate for the benefit of our clients and the advancement of veterinary medicine.

The direct link with the XLVets medicines wholesaler has enabled us to secure the best prices on a wide range of products, ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. This not only benefits our clients but also underscores our dedication to providing accessible and affordable veterinary care.

Furthermore, the educational and professional development opportunities offered by XLVets have been instrumental in keeping our veterinary team up to date with the latest advancements in the field. By attending academic events, business seminars, and engaging in online forums, we can continually enhance our skills, share best practices, and maintain our position at the forefront of veterinary medicine.

Being part of XLVets is more than just a professional affiliation; it is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our desire to continually improve the care we provide. We are proud to be a member of this exceptional community and will continue to leverage its resources and support to serve our clients with the highest standards of veterinary care.

In summary, our partnership with XLVets empowers us to make informed decisions, access cost-effective products, collaborate with industry peers, and stay at the forefront of veterinary medicine. We look forward to continuing our involvement with XLVets and the shared pursuit of excellence in veterinary care.

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