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Junes Shepton Vet Foot Trimming Course

In June we held our first foot trimming and foot first-aid course after a hiatus from running this as a group course. Rosie and Charlie were joined by four delegates from four different farms and our affiliated professional foot trimmer Neil Bishop from KNEL Livestock Services.

We started the day with theory, getting the basics right, including anatomy of the foot, hoof structure, hoof balance, mobility scoring, causes of lameness, trimming methods and common treatments – this gave delegates a firm foundation to work from during the afternoon’s practical sessions.

After a lunch break we got stuck in to the practical side of things, splitting the group between Neil and Rosie for maximum practical exposure. Neil and Rosie covered trimming of live cows and cadaver (dead cow) feet respectively, giving the delegates an opportunity to observe and carry out safe handling of cattle, routine trimming, treating lameness lesions and exploring all foot anatomy under a safe (for cow and delegate) and controlled environment.

All delegates had the opportunity to carry out routine trimming, deal with multiple different types of lameness, apply blocks and bandages and choose correct treatment options, whilst improving upon their practical skills.

The course was a great success, with delegates leaving with the skills they needed to get back to the farm and be able to confidently deal with lameness issues, whilst also understanding the aspects of good trimming technique to ensure lameness incidence is limited – a thoroughly worthwhile course for anyone that may have to deal with hoofcare on farm!

- Farm Vet Charlie


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Our commitment to providing top-quality training and education in hoofcare extends beyond our foot trimming and foot first-aid course. Wee strive to equip farmers and livestock professionals with the knowledge and practical skills needed to ensure the optimal health and well-being of their animals.

With our experienced team of veterinarians, including Rosie and Charlie, we bring a wealth of expertise to each training session. Our comprehensive curriculum covers essential topics such as foot anatomy, hoof structure, hoof balance, mobility scoring, causes of lameness, trimming methods, and common treatments. We believe that establishing a solid theoretical foundation is key to successful practical application.

During our courses, we prioritize hands-on learning to enhance participants' confidence and proficiency. Our team creates a safe and controlled environment for delegates to observe and actively engage in the trimming of live cows and cadaver (deceased cow) feet. This immersive approach allows delegates to develop essential skills in safe cattle handling, routine trimming techniques, treatment of lameness lesions, and thorough exploration of foot anatomy. By providing practical exposure and opportunities to carry out trimming, apply blocks and bandages, and make informed treatment decisions, we empower delegates to address various types of lameness effectively.

We take pride in the success of our courses and the positive impact they have on participants' abilities to manage lameness issues on their farms. Our focus on good trimming techniques helps minimize lameness incidence, ensuring the well-being and productivity of livestock. Whether you are an experienced farmer or new to hoofcare, our courses offer invaluable insights and practical skills to enhance your ability to maintain healthy and happy animals.

As a trusted veterinary practice, we are dedicated to supporting farmers in their quest for excellence in animal care. Our foot trimming and foot first-aid course is just one example of our commitment to providing comprehensive and practical training opportunities. Stay connected with us for updates on future courses and training programs that cater to a range of livestock-related topics.

If you have any questions or would like to express your interest in participating in future courses, please reach out to our team. We are here to help you elevate your hoofcare practices and achieve optimal animal health outcomes on your farm.

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