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Intro to Calf Rearing - Building a Strong Foundation for Your Herd

Shepton Vets recently conducted our highly anticipated Intro to Calf Rearing course at the beginning of July. This comprehensive training is tailored for individuals new to calf rearing as well as those seeking a refresher on youngstock management. The course delved into the fundamentals of calf-rearing, covering essential topics such as the initial 24 hours, prevalent calf diseases, their prevention and treatment, and practical techniques for proper handling, weighing, and treatment. We also emphasized the significance of optimal pre- and post-weaning nutrition and the right environmental conditions. Participants were provided with valuable insights into establishing farm targets and effectively monitoring the health and progress of calves, enabling them to achieve their goals successfully.

Why Calf Rearing Training Matters

Heifer calves form the cornerstone of any productive herd, and ensuring they receive the best start in life is paramount. With a revolving workforce on many UK farms, investing in training new staff has proven beneficial not only for improving the health and welfare of the herd but also for boosting employee job satisfaction. By empowering participants with hands-on skills and knowledge, our Intro to Calf Rearing course equips them to handle calf-related challenges with confidence, leading to better outcomes for the animals and the farm.

Key Topics Covered

  1. The First 24 Hours: Understanding the critical importance of the initial hours after birth and implementing proper care protocols.
  2. Disease Management: Recognizing and combating common calf diseases, and measures to prevent their occurrence.
  3. Practical Skills: Techniques for safe calf handling, accurate weighing, and effective treatment administration.
  4. Optimal Nutrition: Tailoring pre-weaning and post-weaning nutrition for calf health and growth.
  5. Monitoring Progress: Strategies for setting farm targets and monitoring calf health and progress.
  6. Enhancing Productivity: Techniques to enhance farm efficiency through well-managed calf rearing.
  7. Hands-On Learning with "Boxy"

To facilitate practical learning, we introduced our model calf, affectionately named "Boxy" by our delegate team. Boxy proved to be an invaluable assistant in demonstrating intramuscular and subcutaneous injection techniques, proper weighing methods, and the process of stomach tubing.

Secure Your Spot for Future Courses

If you or someone on your farm is interested in participating in our future Intro to Calf Rearing courses, please don't hesitate to contact our office. Investing in training and education can make a significant difference in the well-being and productivity of your farm, and we look forward to providing you with the tools and knowledge to excel in calf rearing.

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