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Inside the Theatre: A Day in the Life of a Surgical Pet Procedure Nurse at Shepton Vets

Step into the dynamic world of Shepton Vets, where our dedicated team of professionals work in tandem to ensure the well-being of our beloved animal companions. One crucial role in this intricate dance is that of the theatre nurse, a cornerstone in the realm of surgical pet procedures. In this insightful glimpse into a "Day in the Life of a Theatre Nurse @ Shepton Vets," we invite you to join us behind the scenes and witness the pivotal role these nurses play in orchestrating surgical excellence and post-operative care. From diligent pre-op preparations to vigilant anesthesia oversight, our theatre nurses are the backbone of a smooth surgical journey. Let's delve into the rhythm of their day, guided by a commitment to surgical precision and an unshakeable dedication to the health of our four-legged (sometimes more and sometimes less) friends


"Day in the Life of a Theatre Nurse @ Shepton Vets,"

We have various roles that our Nurses cover day to day. These include; theatre, wards (recovery), consultations, lab/prep assistant and hospital care. Usually, our nurses' shifts are rotated throughout the week to cover these roles, which is great as no day is the same. We get to experience different scenarios and cases which helps build towards our development and experience.    

My theatre days are not set on specific days, so I could be working alongside any one of our vets. Theatre days are pronoun for being busy and keeping us on our toes. Our patients are admitted, their health checks are carried out and the theatres are prepped ready for the day ahead.  

As the anaesthetist for the theatre procedures, I work with the operating Vet to talk through the anaesthesia plan and what drugs we would like to use for each individual patient, we always take into consideration the patients age, their health status, the procedure being carried out and of course the species of the animal. As part of our routine once a patient is admitted they are checked over and will be given a “pre-med” this normally consists of a sedative drug, and an analgesic drug to make them sleepy and comfortable before induction, this is to make the anaesthesia as smooth as possible and to ensure their pain levels are under control.  

After the pre-med has been administered the patient will have a cannula placed by the Nurses, this is to make sure we have access to their vein in case of an emergency. The vet will then induce and intubate the patient to keep them asleep. This is where my anaesthesia monitoring starts. Anaesthesia monitoring includes; monitoring the patients' parameters (Heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse quality, blood pressure) every 5 minutes and altering the anaesthetic as needed. Depending on what case it is will depend on how long we are in theatre. We could be in theatre for half an hour or 5 hours, on an extremely busy day it’s common to be in theatre from 8-5, with of course well needed coffee and biscuit breaks throughout the day!  

After the procedure has been completed, I will then hand over my patient to the wards nurse, who will monitor them and comfort them during their recovery and they will contact the patients’ owner. Then it’s on to the next procedure. Some days can be long and challenging, especially if an emergency procedure arrives. However, to me nothing can beat the feeling of an operation going smoothly, your patient waking up and recovering well and knowing you’ve kept them comfortable and safe throughout. 

- Cara Neal

We applaud the unwavering dedication and exceptional skills of our nurses. Seamlessly blending expertise, empathy, and innovation to ensure successful procedures. Our nurses can sometimes be the unsung heroes, but not today. At Shepton Vets, our commitment to exceptional veterinary care is exemplified by all of our nurses, who approach each day with unbridled enthusiasm, steadfast determination, and an enduring devotion to our patients and their continued well-being.

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