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Mastering Red Tractor Excellence: Your Path to Farming Success

At Shepton and Wells Vets, we understand the challenges farmers face during Red Tractor inspections. Thorough preparation and meticulous paperwork are crucial. We diligently update your health plan annually, yet we urge you to collaborate closely with us, especially when you know an inspection is on the horizon. Our shared efforts ensure your farm is well-prepared, meeting all standards and regulations.

Red tractor inspections can be daunting. Preparation is key and making sure your paperwork is presented well helps. We work hard to make sure you have a health plan updated every year, but please check and give us sufficient time when you know an inspection is due. There is a lot to include these days – BVD plan, antibiotic use, breeding plans etc. 

A recent farmers weekly article highlighted the following aspects to pay extra attention to. 

Farmers weekly extract - Medicine records and health plan  

Incomplete paperwork is one of the most frequent “non-conformances”, with gaps in medicine usage and purchase records frequently seen.  

Remember, your medicine purchase records can be your invoices – providing they contain all the necessary information.   

Every farmer knows they need to keep on top of this paperwork, but time pressures often mean the task gets postponed or overlooked.  

It is important to complete every field in these records, and withdrawal dates are sometimes missed. 

Assessors are now paying more attention to “cascade withdrawals” (where medication is used off-label), so be mindful of situations where withdrawal periods automatically change to seven and 28 days for milk and meat, respectively.  

Medicine cabinets must be locked, yet assessors often find them unlocked or insecure. Check that your lock works and is not rusty.   

Check your livestock health plan is updated, and make sure you send your vet the parts they need to fill in early enough for them to be back with you in time for your audit. 

At Shepton and Wells Vets, we stand by your side, ensuring your farm not only meets but exceeds the Red Tractor standards. Our commitment to comprehensive health planning and accurate record-keeping underscores your dedication to excellence. We're here to guide you through every step, making your inspection process as smooth as possible, reflecting the high standards of your farm.

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