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Embracing the Golden Years: Senior Pets And Winter's Chill

At Shepton and Wells Vets, we are dedicated to the well-being of pets at every stage of life. In this insightful article, one of our experienced consulting veterinary nurses, Cara Neal RVN, shares valuable insights into caring for our senior companions during the colder months.


As one of the consulting veterinary nurses at Shepton and Wells Vets, we see various pets on a day-to-day basis, some young, adult or senior. Our aim is to help any client that walks through our doors and educate them on the best way possible to help care for their pets. Often in the colder months our clients notice the behaviour of their pets changing the most.

Whether it is a dog that is noticeably “stiffer” on a colder morning or a cat that is just sleeping “more than normal.” What can be done you may ask? Noticing a change of behaviour in your pet is usually a good starting point, you know them better than anyone else! From there we can book you in for a vet consultation appointment which includes a health check-up.

In the health checks up we will look at the overall health of your pet as well as discuss any changes that can be made to your household and any effective medications that can help keep your pet comfortable when any old age signs are starting to show.

One of the most common newly available medications that is prescribed to our elderly patients by our Vets are monthly pain relief injections that are often given subcutaneously (under the skin) by one of our nurses. These consultations are one of my favourites, simply because within just 1-2 injections the next time you see your patient it is as if they have a new lease of life!

An animal that was once slow and sore comes bounding into your room, happy, thriving and noticeably in less pain, it is amazing! Of course, there are other factors that will help your senior pets with these older age signs and symptoms. Such as; changing to a good quality senior specific diet, adjusting house set ups and limiting excessive exercise to avoid any strain on their arthritic limbs.

- Nursa Cara 


As advocates for the health and happiness of your pets, Shepton and Wells Vets remain committed to providing exceptional care. If you notice any changes in your pets, especially during the golden years, our team is here to offer personalised solutions and ensure that every wagging tail and content purr continues to fill your home with joy.

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