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Monty's Tale: A Flashing Keyring, a Wagging Tail and Shepton Vets

At Shepton Vets, we understand that our pets can find themselves in curious situations, often leading to unexpected challenges. Monty, a dedicated support dog in training, recently faced such an incident that highlighted the unpredictable nature of our furry companions' adventures.


Monty is a 4 month old support dog in training to support his owner who has autism, he is doing really well and as a reward for good behaviour and learning, he is given treats.  One evening after being out on a training exercise, his keyring light that was attached to his collar came off, at the exact same time he was having his foodie treats. 

The next thing the family knew, Monty had swallowed the keyring whole along with his treats, this was very worrying for the family as the keyring was quite big and battery powered.  They rang Shepton Vets OOH service and were advised to attend the clinic straight away.   

Generally if an animal has eaten a battery, it would involve a surgical procedure such as endoscopy or an abdominal surgery to remove it. In cases where an animal has eaten a battery, it is contraindicated to induce vomiting because batteries are caustic and can cause unmeasurable damage to healthy tissue in the digestive tract, esophagus and mouth.  

However because the item was encased in a sealed silicon housing unit, the vet was able to induce vomiting and retrieve the offending item.  Much to the amusement of all involved, when the keyring was retrieved, the light was still flashing.   

The clinical team made a comment to the owners saying that if there had been a need to clip the fur from the abdomen for diagnostic purposes, they would probably have been able to see the light flashing through the skin. 

Poor Monty recovered quickly after his adventure at the vets and went home in good standing with a waggy tail. 

On a personal note, this is a scenario seen commonly in practice, so I would recommend an iridescent jacket with lights built into the pocket. Christmas tree lights are also a delicacy at this time of year, as are the squeakers from inside unsafe dog toys, so be mindful and have a safe fun filled holiday. 

- Nurse Pamela

As we bid farewell to Monty with his waggy tail and restored well-being, the team at Shepton Vets extends warm wishes for a safe and joyful holiday season. Remember, in the spirit of celebration, let's keep a watchful eye on our pets and ensure their festive season is not only fun but also safe. Happy holidays from the Shepton Vets family to yours!

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