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Shepton Vet techs Tackling Springtime

The role of Vet techs and Tb tester changes and can be very variable dependent on the time of year. January through April is super busy for testing due to the increased number of housed cows. It is easier for farms to whole herd test during the winter months which keeps all our testers on their toes. Credit must go to Anne-Marie for juggling diaries and fitting everyone in, particularly with bank holidays and shorter weeks during this period.

Vet tech duties are quieter during the winter months but with fly season upon us in a few months, we will be busy dispatching parasites and fly buckets very soon. The parasites were a particular success last year with many farms trailing them for the first time and showing interest for this year already because of those trials. Please contact us for more information.

Our Vet Tech team all have regular farms where we disbud and vaccinate on a weekly/monthly basis, this can also include the ringing of bull calves and any general assistance on farm when vaccinations in bulk are required. But with Block calving creeping in this will mean extra youngstock visits, extra disbuds and vaccination plans.

We also assist with udder singeing, which is a great way to promote cleanliness through the parlour. Ray is super busy all year round with mobility scoring being ROMS accredited.

Call us to find out more about any of our Vet Tech Services.

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