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The story of Snoi

Snoi is a 15-year-old male cat who was admitted to the veterinary hospital because he had collapsed and had difficulty breathing. He was placed in an oxygen tent and stabilised before being taken for radiography. The X-ray showed Snoi had a build-up of fluid in the thorax, known as a pleural effusion. Several reasons can cause this, such as trauma, infection, carcinoma, and inflammatory conditions.

An ultrasound exam highlighted shrinking and thickening of the heart wall, indicative of a heart condition. The 100ml of fluid removed from the thorax immediately improved his breathing and made him more comfortable. His prescribed nursing care plan included pain management to keep him comfortable, intravenous fluid therapy (IVFT) to keep him hydrated and his electrolytes balanced, and diuretics to prevent any further build-up of fluid. We were all very sad when this beautiful boy's results came back from the lab, and Snoi was diagnosed with cancer in addition to a heart condition. After speaking with the owner, it was decided that because Snoi had improved and his quality of life was still good, his condition could be managed at home with medication and regular health checks. His owners were very happy they could take him home.

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