Dairy Herdspersons Certificate

Dairy Herdspersons Certificate

This intensive two day practical course is designed to provide essential skills for those working as a dairy herdsperson.

Perfect as a refresher or for those looking to develop their skills to best practice level.

The Dairy Herdspersons Certificate is split into 6 modules:

Calving & Cow First Aid:

  • What is normal for a calving cow & how is this different in heifers?
  • When & how you should intervene in a calving?
  • How to correct common malpresentations
  • Caring for a down cow to optimise the chances of her getting up
  • The correct way to lift a cow & how to assess limbs for breakages
  • Passing a stomach tube and giving oral fluids
  • Prevention of down cows

         Fresh Cow Care:

  • Common conditions of the freshly calved cow
  • US style fresh cow checks — pros & cons
  • How to diagnose an LDA
  • Using milk ketone tests to allow early diagnosis and treatment of any issues   
  • How to perform a simple veterinary examination of fresh cows
  • Treatment decision making

          Milking Routines & Mastitis:

  • Best practice Milking routine - what is an efficient routine for my herd
  • What causes high SCC and Bactoscan
  • Diagnosis & causes of mastitis
  • Treatment of clinical mastitis

          Calf Rearing:

  • Effective colostrum management
  • Feeding and nutritional requirements
  • Common diseases in calves and how you can prevent them
  • Weaning process
  • Weight gain targets

          Fertility Management:

  • What are we trying to achieve
  • Heat detection and heat detection aids
  • How to maximise conception rates
  • Confirming pregnancy
  • Diseases which affect fertility and how these can be prevented
  • Action for cystic cows, cow confirmed  pregnant but bulling, non bullers

          Hoof Care & Lameness:

  • Anatomy of the bovine foot
  • Recognising types of lameness, causes & prevention strategies
  • Dutch 5 Step hoof trimming
  • Preventative trimming techniques

Course Tutors :

Paddy Gordon: MA VetMB CertCHP MRCVS Advanced Practitioner in Cattle Health & Production

Bibby Thomas: BVSc MRCVS 

Charlie Neale: BVET Med MRCVS Cert DHH (Dairy herd health).

Cost: £350 + VAT including:Tuition, lunch, refreshments during the day, dinner on the 1st night, course notes & CPD certificate.

For details about the next Herdspersons course or to book, please contact Zoe Rogers on 01749 341761 or email: training@sheptonvets.com


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