Mastering Medicines Training

We hear more and more about antibiotic resistance in the news these days and responsible medicine use is a 'hot topic' in the farming world.

Shepton Vets have long been an advocate of Responsible Medicine use and have provided training on this topic for over 10 years.

Our Medicine courses are approved by Red Tractor and provide information to allow you to treat only the necessary animals with the most suitable antibiotic, in order to improve treatment success and reduce antibiotic use on farm.

Our Mastering Medicines Course content includes: 

  • Safely administer veterinary medicines to animals under your care
  • Describe the difference between vaccines and treatments and the different legislative classes
  • Describe basic differences that exist between different classes of antibiotic and the need for veterinary guidance for their use
  • Describe the basic classes of anthelmintics and the need for veterinary or SQP guidance on their use
  • Understand the actions of an NSAID and when they should be used.
  • Store and maintain medicines on farm in accordance with legislation and farm assurance requirements.
  • Understand the responsibility of those administrating medicines to farm animals 

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Courses cost £50 + vat and £15 + vat per additional team member

For full details of our next Medicines Training or to arrange a course on your farm please contact Zoe Rogers in the Farm office on 01749 341761.


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Farmer comments from some previous Medicine Courses:

…..Absolutely brilliant, everyone should come on this course!

…..I have just reduced my medicine bill!!

…..Really practical advice

…..I will be able to reduce the number of antibiotic treatments on my farm

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