MilkSure Training

MilkSure is a training course for farmers, to help reduce the likelihood of bulk tank failures.  

MilkSure has been developed by Dairy UK in conjunction with the British Cattle Veterinary Association. A completed course is worth 7 DairyPro points and also meets Red Tractor standards compliance.

This course covers all the technical and practical aspects necessary to safeguard residue free milk.

Benefits of MilkSure training:

  • having fewer costly milk residue failures
  • using medicines more efficiently
  • demonstrating to customers a clear commitment to producing pure, safe milk

Training is provided in two parts:

A group meeting to go through course materials and on farm visit and online assessment.

MilkSure Training Dates: 

  • Please contact Zoe in the office if you are interested in MilkSure Part 1 training.

We are offering one to one training for MilkSure - contact the team for more information.

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